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Update on Law of Public Revenues February 2014
LAFCO Authority re Special Districts September 2013
CEQA Reform Proposals May 2013
Meeting Management for Local Officials April 2013
History of Props. 13, 218, and 26 April 2013
LAFCO Regulation of Healthcare Districts October 2012
Rate-Making Under Props. 218 & 26 October 2012
Proposition 218 & Assessments June 2012
Disincorporation & Consolidation of Cities June 2012
LAFCO’s Role In Regional Planning April 2012
Historical Overview of Props. 13, 218 and 26 March 2012
New Legislation Requires LAFCos to Plan for Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities, Creating Unfunded Mandate (SB 244) December 2011
Proposition 26: New Limitations on Government Fees October 2011
Overview of Prop. 26 (Slides) October 2011
Court of Appeal Questions Service Assessments August 2011
Attorney General Letter re Island Annexations February 2011
Amended CEQA Guidelines Clear The Air:
Analysis And Mitigation Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
September 2010
Current Developments Under Proposition 218
Silicon Valley, Assessments, Utility Fees, and More
September 2010
Prop. 26: New Supermajority Requirements for Regulatory Fees July 2010
Court Upholds Minimum Monthly Water Charges August 2009
Model Claiming Ordinance (Microsoft Word) May 2009
Supreme Court Strikes Down
Open Space Assessment Under Prop. 218
July 2008
Court Upholds Open Space District Annexation February 2008
Drafting Titles, Summaries and Impartial Analyses for Ballot Measures February 2008
Proposition 218 and Fiscal Initiatives
(Power Point Slides)
September 2007

Trademark Issues for Municipal Seals, Logos and Flags

August 2007

A.B. 745: Disclosure of Contributions and Expenditures to Influence LAFCO Proposals

August 2007
Groundwater Pump Fees and Regulatory Fees Under Proposition 218 May 2007
LA Cellular Phone Tax Decision and Meaning of "Increase" Under Proposition 218 May 2007

Current Developments Under
Propositions 13, 62 & 218

May 2007
Update on the Law of Public Revenues
(Power Point Slides)
September 2006
Commission on Local Governance for
the 21st Century – A Look Back

(Power Point Slides)
September 2006
Key Topics Under Propositions 13, 62 & 218 March 2006
Land Use 101: The Basics of Land Use for the General Practitioner January 2006
Public Records Act Summary December 2005
Motions to See Files on Police Must Meet Specific Criteria 
Courtesy of Los Angeles Daily Journal
November 2005 
Legislature Mandates Ethics Training for Local Government Officials  (A.B. 1234) October 2005
Ethics Issues for Special District Leaders
(Power Point slides)
September 2005
Are Utility Fees Subject to Prop. 218?
Courtesy of Western City
May 2005
 Update on Props. 13, 62, 218
(Power Point slides)
April 2005
Ethics Issues for Public Lawyers
(Power Point slides)
March 2005
Court Rules Prop. 218 Applies to Utility Rates March 2005
Employers Need to Refine Investigation Process for Bias, Harassment    Courtesy of Daily Journal January 2005
Polling Support for Ballot Measures:
Amicus Letter to Attorney General
October 2004
The Law of Municipal Revenues:
Annual Update on Propositions 13,  62 and 218
April 2004
Supreme Court Rules in Richmond v. Shasta CSD February 2004
Interview with Metro Investment Report:
Public Sector Ethics

Courtesy of Metro Investment Report
December 2003
Third-Party Tax Collection:
Amicus Letter to Attorney General
August 2003
Local Fiscal Authority and Stability:
Control and Risk in California City Revenues

Courtesy of Western City
August 2003
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act:
The Privacy Rule
August 2003
Current Developments under Props 62 & 218
(Power Point slides)
July 2003
Revenue Options for California Cities
(Power Point slides)
July 2003

The Origin & Devolution of Local Revenue Authority
Courtesy of Western City

June 2003

Local Government Concerns Regarding AB 1221
Courtesy of The Planning Report

May 2003
Superior Court Upholds MRCA Open Space Assessment March 2003 
Orange County Case Threatens
Property Tax Revenue
January 2003
The Law of Municipal Revenues:
Authorities on Propositions 62 and 218
August 2002
Haas: New Rules for Local Hearing Officers June 2002
Appellate Court Invalidates Salinas’ Storm Water Fee June 2002
Enforcing the Brown Act :

Legal Tools for Government in the Sunshine

December 2001